Juneathon Update, Going in Circles, and a Little Pep Talk

Our belated Mother's Day train trip to Hermann, Missouri - good for making new friends, bad for exercise plans. 

Our belated Mother's Day train trip to Hermann, Missouri - good for making new friends, bad for exercise plans. 

Scorecard for the month so far: 20 activities for 24 days. Two activities occurred on one day earlier this month, which means I've skipped five days. Here's what happened on those five days: social engagements, travel, and (once) too much fun the day before. 

But I've been good this week. And I still have to walk Hazel today. We're going in about an hour, after the threat of thunderstorms has passed, and I suspect I'll be walking again either after Eric gets home. We're back to having only one day off together, which should be good for my writing habits. It's hard to write when there's someone around to hang out with. 

My exercise this week hasn't been amazing, by any means, but it feels good to get back on track. I have logged half a mile, one mile, and (yesterday) 2.75 miles. Hell, I might even run a little today. 

You might recall that back in January, I started Janathon while I was travelling. My first couple activities took place in San Diego, but I got the in despite my out-of-town status. I have five words for how that happened: First Thing In The Morning. 

Guess what I didn't do during Juneathon? Sure, I walked some while I was out-of-town, but not enough to map it with Runkeeper. Some days it wasn't even enough to log 10,000 steps, which is my daily goal. One day, I came in 16 steps shy of 10,000 - I'm sure I could have met my goal that day if I'd been paying attention, because I know I can get 16 steps, even in a hotel room. Sheesh. 

Anyhow, lessons related to fitness I've learned this month include:

  • If other people are involved in how my day goes, I need to make exercise my number one priority in the morning and get it out of the way.
  • Strolling around a city is not really exercise. Also, shooting might be a sport, but it's not really exercise. 
  • Even a tiny bit of alcohol will completely undo my resolution to exercise. 
  • Too much travel and too many all-day social events will make me so tired I won't want to do anything, ever - and I especially won't want to exercise. 

Sometimes it seems like I'm learning the same lessons over and over again. I read a lot of blogs and a lot of them give me the impression that the writers learn their lessons once and never have to circle around again, but that's certainly not how my life is going. 

I've spent some time thinking about the nature of doing "52 Small Challenges," in particular pondering what happens when I'm made it through 52. Come up with 52 new ones? Do the same ones all over again? 

Today, it seems like it doesn't matter either way. I'll be revisiting the same things no matter what. Maybe in a slightly different form, or with a twist, but the same basic things. Sometimes the exact same thing - I'm looking at you, exercise and meditation! And I'm okay with that. It's a process. 

Not to get all morbid, but with the ultimate endpoint being death (and it is, undeniably), I'd rather focus on the process than the end. Life is a process. Try new things. Fail sometimes. Try again. It's okay. 

You know that saying, something like "Idiocy is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results"? I used to think that was smart, but now I'm seeing it as limiting. It doesn't matter if you're doing the same things over and over again, hoping they'll work this time, as long as you're trying something. Sooner or later a new approach will show its face, and you can try that But until then, keep doing something!

I'm going to get dressed, take the dog out and try again to start a running routine. There's nothing to make me think it will work better this time than it did last time and you know what? I don't care. 

Week 43 - Exercise - Juneathon