No Makeup Days 3 & 4

Days 3 & 4 have been uneventful. One coworker yesterday asked me how the no makeup challenge was going, so he's reading the blog, which is great. I told another coworker. No one has said I look tired or anything like that, even though today I actually was tired. 

My neglected makeup drawer, with my frugal cardboard box organizational system. 

My neglected makeup drawer, with my frugal cardboard box organizational system. 

Also, today I discovered that the lip balm I've been wearing goes on kinda white. White lips help the looks of very few, btw. 

And I'm not one of them! Turns out if I'm not wondering if my mascara is still on my eyelashes, I don't feel compelled to look in the mirror all that often. 

Tomorrow I have an early shift, so we'll see how that goes. I will be more tired, I'm sure. 

The public, though... I deal with the public at work and it could be my imagination, but I feel like I am not getting as warm of a response as I normally do. However, this happens randomly for any number of reasons, so I can't conclude anything. Sometimes the general public just has a bad day. Or I'm not all that into them. Or any number of things having zilch to do with my makeup. 

On the other hand, this study found that women wearing makeup were judged to be more competent, so maybe they didn't think I knew what I was doing. Who knows? 

And this study found that men prefer women without about 40% less makeup than they put on. But women tend to like more makeup on other women - possibly an appreciation for what went into applying it? 

For my purposes, that's neither here nor there. I'm not going to stop wearing makeup altogether and I don't think I wear that much to begin with. The idea of applying eyeliner everyday makes me want to stay in bed forever. 

All in all, this hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. 

I do think, however, that a little makeup goes a long way. We form opinions of others very quickly, and if makeup can help make that opinion a little better, then it certainly has a purpose, even if it doesn't need to be worn every day. 

So probably no one really cares whether or not I wear makeup, and probably I get a slightly better response from people when I do, but it's not going to matter most of the time. 

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