Tuesday Frugal Things (and some not frugal things, too)

Frugal things:

  • I planted some kale seeds, lettuce mix seeds and a parsley plant yesterday. That should save us some money during the growing season. The seeds and plants cost less than $5, so if we only harvest each thing once, we'll still be ahead. 
  • Our compost has matured so I was able to mix last year's potting soil with some compost and thus avoid buying new potting soil for my containers. Eric was especially happy about the compost because for some reason he didn't believe it would work. Well, it works. Thanks to our neighbor, Justin, for giving us the compost bin a couple years ago. It's much better than the pile we used to have. And it was frugal because it was free!
  • I took Metrolink downtown to a race on Saturday, the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run. I paid for a friend, too, so it cost $10, but it was worth it to not have to find or pay for parking. 13,000 people ran in the race - that's a lot of driving and parking. But there were lots of other people on Metrolink. It's a fun race and highly recommend it if you're in St. Louis in March. 
  • I started a price list for the ingredients we put in our smoothies, so when we went to Costco, we only bought the stuff that's cost effective. We still spent $200, but at least I'm sure the groceries were good deals. 
  • I moved our savings to Discover Bank in order to get a $50 bonus (I got a flyer in the mail with a code I had to enter for the bonus). Usually I consider it too much trouble to move money around, whether for a signup bonus or for a higher interest rate, but this Discover account happened to offer both so I went for it.
  • We returned a can opener to Savers that didn't work when we got it home. You only have a week to return things to Savers and then you get store credit that you have to spend that day, so I picked up a makeup bag that's slightly larger than the one I've been cramming all my stuff in and a fold-able hat for traveling, which I'm sure will come in handy on the tropical vacation we don't  have planned. But it's good to be ready, just in case. I read about the fold-able hat at Everywhere Once
Doesn't that look like good dirt?

Doesn't that look like good dirt?


  • I bought a $6 beer after the race to supplement the free beer I got for signing up, and I bought another beer while I was out with a friend on Sunday. Nothing was going to keep from buying a beer after that race, though, because drinking after races is one of my favorite things ever, right up there with mindless eating. 
  • I ordered some new shoes for work, brand new, no coupon. Sometimes I am terrible at this game. But I am going to save the receipt so I can write them off on next year's taxes, since they are for work. 
  • We bought sandwiches at a deli near the house after the race on Saturday. They were really good. This was the first time we got food out (on our dime) since the beginning of the year, though, which is still a lot better than how we've done in previous years. 

Wednesday Links

Here's what I've been reading this week:

How to Tidy Your Home Mindfully - More on Marie Kondo's ideas about making our possessions have more meaning. 

Brew Mile - This race is coming to St. Louis! Unlike the Tap 'N' Run, where you drink small amounts of beer, at the Brew Mile you drink four full beers over the course of a mile. I've heard this is much more challenging and maybe not even doable, but I'm happy to give it a try! They haven't set a date yet for Brew Mile in St. Louis, but this year's Tap 'N' Run is June 6th. Running and beer go so well together. 

Be More With Less has an interesting post about books. In "The Joy of Books isn't in Ownership," Courtney Carver talks about where the joy is, and also gives some reading recommendations. We've let go of a lot of books in recent months, but I'm itching to go back through the ones downstairs using the method we used here, also from Marie Kondo. 

Pamela Druckerman at the New York Times is skeptical about decluttering and mindfulness. She outlines the reasons why in "The Clutter Cure's Illusory Joy." I disagree with her conclusions, but it's still an interesting read. I think for decluttering to be useful, it has be combined with mindfulness. Mindfulness won't magically appear in the empty spaces, but it could be easier to find once you've cleared out some of the clutter. 

One of the cute images Weather Whiskers has for snow

One of the cute images Weather Whiskers has for snow

I love the weather, following the weather, speculating about the weather, talking about the weather, and looking at weather apps. My all-time favorite is Weather Whiskers, but I don't like it because of the accuracy of the forecasts. If accuracy is your focus, Lifehacker put together a list of the "Five Best Weather Websites," which focuses more on how useful they are than how cute they are. :)