Tuesday Frugal Things

This is part fail, but the new ice maker made no difference, so Eric did some more investigative work and now we have a $20 switch on the way. Still no ice, but I haven't given up hope. 

Making kimchi is messy business. 

Making kimchi is messy business. 

Eric's making kimchi and sauerkraut. Not only are those foods tasty, cabbage and fermented food are healthy. We made the sauerkraut with cabbage heads I bought on sale at Aldi around St. Patrick's Day, so it's pretty inexpensive. Also, it's fun to ferment things at home. I'm not sure why, but it is. 

I decided at the last minute before donating a vase I got for my bridal shower to look it up on Ebay just in case and it's a good thing I did! I found it listed for anywhere between $40 and $95. Apparently the Italian maker is desirable. Who knew? Now I just have to list it, which is where I tend to get hung up. 

I froze "wine cubes" from some leftover sauvignon blanc. I know, who has leftover wine? Beer drinkers, that's who. 

In the "Not So Frugal" category, I overfilled a glass jar of beef broth and put in the freezer, so you know what happened. Luckily all the glass was frozen onto the broth, so it was easy to clean up. 

I started some basil seeds last week and they're coming up. We got some asparagus crowns yesterday and planted them in the strip of dirt between where the pool goes up and the garage. That area is perfect because the pool never goes up until after asparagus is done for the season. (Yes, I know a pool is not very frugal, but I love it). 

I sewed up a tiny hole in my long black skirt. I'm going to try to sew or mend one thing a week.