Update: Eat from the Pantry

I'm happy to report that I've made progress! Other than that moment of weakness yesterday during which we ordered Chinese carryout, my part of which will provide me with three meals, I've  eaten only things from the house. My meals have largely consisted of leftovers wrapped up in tortillas, smoothies, and cereal. I ran out of cereal yesterday, though, so I might have to branch out a little. 

Current fridge on the left; recent fridge pics on the right

Current fridge on the left; recent fridge pics on the right

The volume of food in the fridge has gone down slightly, but the freezer and pantry look pretty much the same. Which tells me something that lasts longer than a week might be in order, if I truly want to make my way through everything.  

It's nearly impossible to tell from the photos, but those large containers on the right side of the top shelf are full of leftover juice we squeezed for cocktails. I'm slowly working them into smoothies. They take up a lot of room, but still taste great. 

All that's missing from the pantry is the cereal and a box of Pop Tarts, as far as I can tell. And my recent straightening revealed that I am now hoarding salsas. 

All I've gotten out of the freezer is some frozen fruit, but I think I added in equal measure. 

And somehow I've managed to gain weight this week. I guess I'm talented at getting a lot of calories wrapped up inside a tortilla. 

The one thing I can say that is certainly a positive is that this was a very inexpensive week for groceries. I spent nothing on food. I might try to keep this up for another week, or indefinitely (until I see real progress) or, at the very least, until Eric catches on. 

Week 52: Diet - Eat from the Pantry