20,000 Steps: Days 4-6

Water pool with fun sculptures in the middle of Francis Park

Water pool with fun sculptures in the middle of Francis Park

I woke up on days 4-6 feeling great! My legs weren't nearly as tired as I thought they might be. 

Day 4

A day off work!

I walked Hazel around Francis Park in the morning, about four miles. I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, which I was almost late for thanks to having the time wrong in my mind. Nothing like rushing out of the house, smoothie in hand, with wet hair! Actually, I leave the house with wet hair all the time in the summer, but I like for it to be a choice. 

After my doctor's appointment, I went with my friend Sam and her dog, June, to walk on Grant's Trail. We started at the beginning of the trail, near Interstate 55 and Union Rd., and walked to where the trail crosses under 55 and back again, about 5 miles. 

Grant's Trail is nice and flat. It's popular with bicyclists, and it goes right by my MIL's house. Sam and I hatched a plan to walk the whole length in segments. Next week we'll start where we left off this week. And I conceived of an even bigger plan to try to walk all the greenways in St. Louis. Greenways are one of the neatest things ever, if you ask me. I love them. 

June looking goofy with grass on her nose. 

June looking goofy with grass on her nose. 

Day 5

Second day off work! Another doctor's appointment in the morning, which I dragged Eric along to, then we went hiking in Weldon Springs Conservation Area, which is north of the Missouri River near O'Fallon, Missouri. 

We did two trails - Lewis and Clark. Clark comes first, a five-mile loop of well-packed and well-maintained trail. Lewis is a three-mile loop that connects to the middle of Clark. We did both, for just under 8 miles. We saw lots of wildlife, as the trails are near the Missouri River, including a doe and her fawn, an itty bitty snake, many frogs, and butterflies. I took pictures on the "real" camera (a point-and-shoot, but theoretically better than my phone), so of course they're still there, and I can't share any of them. 

Day 6

Back to work. :( Eric and I went on a 3 1/2 mile walk around Francis Park, then I went to work. I had about 9,000 steps when I went to work and I came home with just under 21,000.

Yesterday was the first day I overtook Eric for the number one spot on my Fitbit friends list! This morning, though, I'm back to number two. I don't have too high of hopes about regaining first place, since Sunday is not traditionally a big day for me at work. And Eric is going with me to run some errands (on foot) this morning, so we'll be even when I leave. 

So one more day of high steps and I will have met my challenge!

Week 49: Exercise - 20,000 Steps