Next Creative Challenge: Photograph the Neighorhood

I live in South Hampton, the orange-ish neighborhood toward the bottom left. 

I live in South Hampton, the orange-ish neighborhood toward the bottom left. 

This coming week, I'm going to take photos of things I like in my neighborhood. I'll do a different street each day. I might post a picture of one thing, or many things, but at least one. 

I'm going to take the pictures with my phone, because that's easiest, and I'm lazy. When we went on vacation at the end of May, I took some pictures with my small camera and guess what I've done with those? That's right - nothing. 

Since I've been walking pretty regularly, it shouldn't be too difficult to add in some photography and share that here. And I'm looking forward to documenting some of the things I like about my neighborhood.

Each day I'll try to do a theme, such as my block, businesses, houses and/or gardens I like, the perimeter of the neighborhood, art in the neighborhood, etc. You get the idea. 

I don't want to make it so difficult I don't follow through, but I do want to keep it interesting. 

One other time in my life, I documented my neighborhood. That was in the days before digital, so I'd have to break out the scanner in order to share those photos, but after I did it, I wished I'd done that for every neighborhood I've ever lived in. Except one. I spent one year in a neighborhood I'd like to forget completely, but we won't go into that. 

Anyhow, if you like where you live even a little, consider going around and taking some photos of the place, especially the things that "make" the neighborhood for, and things that you like to share with others when they visit, or that you wish you could share. 

Week 47: Creativity - Photograph the Neighborhood