Meditation Experience Update

Hazel being her usual strange self. 

Hazel being her usual strange self. 

With one more day to go this week, and two more weeks to go in the meditation experience (which you can find here), I'm currently caught up on meditations. Twice I missed a day, but then I did two meditations the days after missing, so I'm not letting them pile up. 

This time around, I've found doing two in one day to be much easier. Who knows, maybe I'm getting more used to meditation in general. 

On the other hand, it's been a rough week both at work and outside of work, so meditating on the subject of "gratitude" (the meditation experience theme is "Manifesting Grace through Gratitude") has been kind of difficult. It's notably more difficult to conjure up feelings of gratitude when what you really want to do is run away, so I've been focusing on little things, like the cats, and basic things, like having a comfortable home with air-conditioning. Something tells me this isn't exactly the type of thing Oprah and Deepak had in mind, but it will have to do for now. 

Or, who knows - maybe I'll become less irritated with things because I'm meditating. 

But the meditation itself, which doesn't actually involve thinking about gratitude, is going fine. I guess I am grateful for that. 


Week 46: Mental Health/Spiritual - Meditation Experience