Food Waste Friday!

It's time for another thrilling episode of wastefulness! 

Today, I trashed part of a container of blue lunch meat (originally turkey) and a bag of salami left over from last month that I somehow didn't realize was still  hanging around. I composted part of a cucumber. And I froze some old celery and green onions to use making stock.

I also trashed about a quarter of the carrot cake I made for Eric a while back. It was sad, but it was time. I should probably make smaller things when I make baked goods. I think that carrot cake had about a thousand calories per bite, so it was rich.

I used the last bit of some taco meat on a salad yesterday and I'm pressuring Eric to finish off the seafood risotto he made last week. We've got a couple cooked hamburgers, which should be no problem to finish. 

Overall, not too bad, but more than I want to waste. I didn't do much shopping this week, hoping to eat through what we already have, which includes a lot of fruit. Gotta love fruit season!

Now that I've been doing this for a while, I think it really does help. I find myself thinking about what I can eat based on what's going to go bad first, and thinking about ways to keep food from spoiling, much more often than I used to. Cleaning out the fridge used to be pretty depressing, but not so much now.