Dairy Update

Impossible to resist!

Impossible to resist!

3-2, dairy in the lead. 

This has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. 

First, I forgot to buy milk substitutes for the things I like, such as creamer and cereal milk. I don't know why, exactly, but lately I've had a craving for granola-type cereals. Also, I forgot to buy a dairy-free cereal. 

Then, I ate everything dairy at work one day. I started off great - I resisted eating a cream-filled Dunkin Donut several times. Because the world is cruel sometimes, no one else ate it for a looong time, so I had to walk past it about a gazillion times before it was finally gone. 

But, just when I thought I was safe, someone came in with a huge milk-chocolate-and-fudge covered cheesecake birthday treat for a coworker. At that point, it was clear I'd wasted all my willpower on that damn donut. And I had to eat the cheesecake. Then I ate cheese at a wine tasting. Sometimes, once I've failed, it seems totally reasonable that I should fail spectacularly. 

Three days I ate dairy, two I did not. Today is one of the "good" days, so there's still time, but we're having dinner with friends and I know they won't have anything with dairy because Eric will be there, and they know he can't eat dairy. 

I can't possibly say if not eating dairy makes me feel better, because mostly I've still been eating dairy. 


Week 45: Diet - No Dairy