Missing Updates!

During my lazy month or so, weeks went by in which I posted new challenges, but didn't update at all. If you guessed that the lack of updates indicated a lack of follow-through, you might be on to something. 

I followed through on two weeks. The first was Compliments, which I'll post about separately.  The other was Do Nothing. Total success! I'm good at doing nothing. 

The other three weeks were fails, to one degree or another. 

Week 39, I planned to take 10,000 steps a day, even on vacation. As you can see from the chart, I failed on three days, with Sunday being the worst, barely coming over 3,000 steps. Monday, Friday and Sunday were travel days. We drove the most on Sunday and I got very little sleep the night before. My best day, Wednesday, I almost hit 26,000. That was the day we did some hiking at Mammoth Cave National Park. Although the average comes in over 10,000, my goal was to hit 10,000 every day, which I didn't do. 

Week 40, I tried to stay under my calorie goal with MyFitnessPal. I can't figure out a way to make a fancy graph with MyFitness Pal like I did with Fitbit, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. Monday, I had 298 calories left to eat at the end of the day. Tuesday, I went over by 900 calories. Wednesday, I went over by less than 100. Thursday, over by 200. Friday, over by A LOT. Saturday, over by 350. And Sunday, I was right on. Even without doing the math, that's an overall fail. With the math, I ate 3,000 calories too many. And I've got the extra pound of fat to show for it. Losing weight, or keeping it off, is HARD!

Week 41, I was going to read a short story everyday.  Granted, Alice Munroe short stories are long, but I'm still on the first one. I didn't even attempt to read it everyday. Fail.

Not a great month, but who's keeping score? Besides me? Haha.