Next Household Challenge: Attic Decluttering

First, I'm changing up the challenge schedule to accommodate vacation, which is just under two weeks away. I want the bulk of vacation to be an exercise week - I plan to share all the walking we do. We like to walk and hike as much as possible on vacation. Maybe that sounds crazy, but we think it's fun. If you happen to like the way it sounds, check out Mean Queen's walking trips at Life After Money. She does some awesome all-walking trips in the UK.

Anyhow, to accommodate that, this week I'm going to do a household challenge, and next week will be mental health. 

My plan for this week is to declutter the attic. Although by many standards our house is small (1100 square feet), and the closets are small, there is still a ton of space to store things if you take the basement and attic into account. The basement is about the same size as upstairs (subtract the mudroom, but add in the space under the front porch). And the usable space in the attic is as long as the house, but not nearly as wide, although you can certainly put things in the spaces where the roof hangs lower, too. 

With the exception of my clothes, which I switch out seasonally and by size, a little bit of camping and hiking equipment, pet carriers and suitcases, and some seasonal kitchen items, such a the turkey roaster and serving dishes, we don't use much from the attic. Yet, there's a lot up there. 

So much stuff!

So much stuff!

The attic is one of those places where things go up, but rarely come down. Not sure if we want to keep it or not? Empty box we might need if something breaks? Gift we aren't sure we want to keep? Take it to the attic. 

And we rarely spend time in the attic. I can recall exactly one time when we hung out up there. It was a looong time ago. 

Let's see what kind of car this belongs to...

Let's see what kind of car this belongs to...

I went up to take the lovely "before" pictures and brought down a couple things - an unused air filter for a car we no longer own and the plastic bag our comforter came in. And that barely scratches the surface. 

There are a few things up there that I really don't know what to do with, so they will probably stay, such as a collection of comic books belonging to a friend who moved to another state and a bunch of stuff from Eric's childhood. And some things I know we don't need, such as a ferret cage (we haven't had ferrets in years). 

So, I'll keep you posted. I might try to sell some of the stuff, a lot will probably be donated or trashed, and I'll try to organize what's left. Wish me luck!

Week 37: Household - Attic Decluttering