Media Diet/Read More Update

My biggest challenge so far has been remembering to take an actual book to work with me to read at lunch. So far I'm 0 for 3. And because there's no way I'm getting through a break without something to read (although I did have a really nice conversation with a coworker during the first part of my lunch today), I've been reading a book on my phone, using the Google Books app.

At some point I bought a bunch of inexpensive ebooks for that app, but then didn't read them because I don't usually read on my phone. Among them was Emily St. John Mandel's The Singer's Gun. I picked it for 3 silly reasons: 1) it was already on my phone; 2) I like the title, and 3) it was written by a woman. Not that I am in any way opposed to books written by men. Most of my favorite authors are men, so I'm trying to branch out. And you know, if you're going to pick a book more-or-less by the cover, you may as well try to branch out in whatever way you can. Anyhow, The Singer's Gun reminds me a little of The Goldfinch, because there is a crime, a young male character whom I like, and part of it is set in Europe. Also, there are some antiques. 

But, because I'm trying not taking my phone to bed, and because it's rude to read with the light on when someone else is sleeping, I have a Kindle book going - The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett. I'm enjoying this one, too, but I've liked everything I've ever read by Ann Patchett, so I suspected I would like it. 

And then in the "actual book" category, I am reading "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children," by Ransom Riggs, which is on loan to me from the wonderful Sam, of blog logo design fame (she drew my logo, in case it slipped your mind). 

This image, in particular is what I thought of getting as a tattoo. 

This image, in particular is what I thought of getting as a tattoo. 

Also there is an audiobook, but there's always an audiobook. I happen to be listening to Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I read the book eight or so years ago, when it was recommended by Brian. I liked it so much I briefly considered getting a tattoo of Behemoth, a talking cat who is a character in the novel. Anyhow, it had been a while, so I decided to check out the audiobook. It's amazing how much I forgot between now and then. 

So, as we all knew, there is no shortage of good things to read, only a scarcity of time. And I have spent a lot more time with the written word these last few days than I have in I don't remember how long. 

It hasn't been perfect. My phone has been on every lunch, in lieu of a book, and it was in the bedroom last night, because I took it with me so I could finish logging the food I ate yesterday. Overall, though, this has been great. I'm reading a lot more, I'm excited about the books I'm reading, and it's much more rewarding than looking at random things on my phone. 

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