Food Waste Friday

I let some romaine lettuce get old, which resulted in me cutting off a good part of the heads and putting them in the compost bin. 

I almost wasted the left-overs from my hangover-inspired Chinese carryout by taking them to work in their original container, which leaked all over the bag and my car seat. All I lost in the end was sauce, but I could have avoided even that by repackaging the leftovers (or by being more careful, but it's apparent at this point, after multiple issues along these lines, that I have little interest in that approach). 

They're sitting in a mixing bowl Eric used for popcorn, in case you wondered what all that other stuff was. 

They're sitting in a mixing bowl Eric used for popcorn, in case you wondered what all that other stuff was. 

Again in the "almost" category, I was going to throw out half a bag of potatoes that had started to sprout. I had already picked out the "good" half and was using that to make potato salad, but the rest seemed too sprouty, despite the fact that only one of them was obviously mushy. Then I googled "what to do with sprouted potatoes" and realized that mine, except for that one, weren't that bad after all, so I baked them and the Eric grated them for freezer hash-browns. If you're wondering what else you can do with sprouted potatoes, here's 7 Things to do with Sprouted Potatoes. In the end, I sent just that one potato and a bunch of sprouts to the compost bin. 

Food I Saved:

Last time we made pan pizzas from scratch, we made a triple sauce batch and a third more dough than we used. We froze the extra dough, but Eric seemed skeptical about that actually working out. So last weekend, I moved the dough to the fridge and let it thaw, thinking I'd whip up the pizza and he'd see how it all worked. Except I never made the pizza. So today, when I was shopping for groceries (while hungry and tired), I bought a frozen pizza. Then when I got home, I told myself I was being ridiculous and should at least try the dough that was in the fridge, even though that also meant grating cheese (soon there'll be post on how frugal in sometimes really inconvenient when you're hungry and tired). But it turned out okay. The dough didn't rise as much as it normally does, probably because I didn't wait for it to warm up to room temp, and it tastes slightly yeasty, but the overall pizza is still good.