Tuesday Frugal Things

Where are you going? Where?

Where are you going? Where?

We stocked up on a supplement we take when it was on sale at Costco. I always feel a little weird buying more than we need, but it was $7 off, so basically buy-three-get-one-free. 

We did not go out for lunch Saturday morning even though we really, really, really wanted to. 

We bought a bunch of junk food for vacation at Costco and Big Lots, instead of denying how much junk food we'll want on a car trip, then buying expensive crap at gas stations. Maybe not the best use of our money, but more realistic than thinking we'll eat grapes the entire time. 

I sold a couple more books on Amazon. We've nearly sold the ferret cage several times, but the sales keep falling through. 

Not so frugal:

I had $10 in Kohl's cash, no strings attached, so I went in to buy a new travel t-shirt. I walked out with a that, a new pair of jeans, and sunglasses. Since our clothing allowance is only $25 a month right now, I paid for everything with my allowance, which reminded me of my high school days, which is kinda funny. On the plus side, it's nice to have sunglasses that aren't all scratched up. My old ones were getting pretty awful.