Thursday Links: Vacation Edition

Here are some links to the things we either plan to or hope to see on our vacation:

Graceland - I've been before, but Eric hasn't. This will be a good opportunity to remember our friend Bill, a huge Elvis fan who left us too early. Bill was my age (42) when he died. I still miss him. We lost several friends to premature death over a few years, but I miss Bill the most. 

Sun Studio - I've been, Eric hasn't, but I'm looking forward to going again. It's been years. Also, this is a good opportunity/excuse to listen to a lot of kick-ass music I don't always pay attention to. 

National Civil Rights Museum - I've never been before and am really excited to be going this time. 

Memphis Breweries - BEER! We're going to tour Wiseacre Brewing in Memphis. 

Beale Street - Our hotel is right on Beale Street, so we can't miss it. 

Mammoth Cave National Park - Caves, hiking, kayaks

Louiville  - Friends! Also, we just like this city. It's a neat place. And Kentucky is beautiful. 

Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Can't pass this by and we'll be right in the area. 

Louisville Breweries - BEER!