Next Fitness Challenge: Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

Who wants to walk a lot on vacation? 

Me! I not only want to walk a lot, I love to walk a lot on vacation. Since I usually hit the 10k mark six out of seven days, this is kind of like cheating. But when I'm on vacation, it's easier to be lazy. 

Hopefully I can share some interesting walks with you. And hopefully they'll all bring my step count, as calculated by my Fitbit One, over 10,000 steps everyday. 

If you don't have a Fitbit, you might be able to get a program for your smart phone, such as Moves, that will calculate your steps for you when you're carrying your phone. Or you could get an old-fashioned pedometer. 

However you do it, they say walking 10,000 steps a day makes a big difference in health, so get out there and walk!