Friday Food Waste

Week six of Food Waste Friday (with a nod to The Frugal Girl)!

I discovered two new websites dedicated to food waste!

Sustainable America has lots of great suggestions, such as  10 Things to do with Banana Peels and 10 Things to do with Stale Bread, as well as more philosophical posts about everything from how to reduce car idling (and the associated waste/destruction) to renewable natural gas

The second site, I Value Food, is an offshoot of the first, but entirely dedicated to reducing food waste. We throw away a LOT of food, like 30-40% of what we have. We throw away food past the best-buy date, without checking to see if it is really bad, restaurant left-overs, our own left-overs, food that's rotting or truly spoiled, and things we just don't like or want anymore. More facts here

So what have I wasted, despite my best efforts? 

My bad. RIP Lara bars. 

My bad. RIP Lara bars. 

Two Lara bars that I found in my hiking backpack. This isn't the first time I left Lara bars there. You know, cause I'm definitely going hiking again next week, so it'll be a non-issue. Hahahaha... In the past, I've gone ahead and eaten them, but they are pretty gross when they're old, probably because they don't have many ingredients. Like three - Lara bars have about three ingredients. I suppose eating a really old Lara bar would be better than eating ants, if I was hiking and starving, but not by much. I put them into the compost, so not a total loss, but pretty pricey fancy dirt. 

Half a beer. I hate when that happens, fer real. 

An entire crockpot of ham and beans. What exactly went wrong with them is a mystery, but the end result was that they went in the trash.

Three kiwis in a pack of six. I bought them for Eric, but he didn't eat them. I cleaned and froze the other three for smoothies. I also froze some berries, pineapple and chopped onion we hadn't eaten, and moved half a bag of apples from the counter to the refrigerator. 

Half a bag of stale popcorn. 

Two pieces of chicken, a turkey burger, some ham scraps and a bit of taco meat. All cooked meat that went bad, or just sat too long, in the fridge. What wasn't bad I ground up into dog food, which Hazel thought was pretty awesome. 

And we saved:

This is more in the category of "you got lucky, you idiots," but we thawed and drank a fairly expensive beer SOMEONE put in the freezer to chill, but forgot to remove and drink in time. Fancy beer slushy is still way better than dumping beer down the drain. Actually, we're lucky it was in a thick bottle, so we didn't have to pick glass pieces off of everything else in the freezer.