Food Waste Friday

I lost a lemon that was in the fridge. I think I bought it when they were on sale at Aldi. A couple others are fine, but that one was moldy. 

I also threw an orange in the compost bucket. It had been sitting out on the counter and dried up. I saved another that was nearly gone, but not quite. It was a bad week for citrus!

A potato was tragically over-microwaved and couldn't be eaten. I had no idea a potato could get so tough! Lesson learned. 

Big fridge clean-out in preparation for vacation: 1 cup milk (that I didn't buy, but still), 1 flat beer, most of a container of half-and-half (my fault entirely), rice from the Chinese carryout we got a couple weeks back, a little grilled asparagus, 7 cheese sticks, 3/4 of an English cucumber (not sure where it came from!), and a small container of hummus Eric thawed by did not eat (which I composted, but should have given to the dog). 

I almost tossed a small container of yogurt, but when I opened it, it smelled fine, so I'll put it in smoothies over the next couple of days. 

Also, I found 3/4 of a bottle of sparkling wine, uncorked, which I assumed was flat. At first I was going to dump it, then I decided to google "what to do with leftover champagne" and, as usual with those searches, came up with some options. I decided to freeze it for later (we really need some ice cube trays - it's in our muffin tin). I will possibly use it for this recipe for Sea Bass and Cucumbers in Champagne Sauce, but I will substitute a Missouri fish such as bass or walleye for the sea bass. 

In the "saved" category, we have two over-ripe bananas that were frozen, along with a containter of arugula that was starting to turn brown, which also went in the freezer. I'll use it for smoothies. 

I finally froze the leftover pizza sauce I made last month. 

Update on the freezer cleanup: Eric made tongue tacos with the beef tongue we had in the freezer downstairs. They were delicious! 

But, we failed to keep a chicken carcass away from the dog. I bought a whole chicken, Eric roasted it, and we left the carcass on the counter, where the dog promptly snatched it up. Obviously no one told her she isn't supposed to eat chicken bones. So far, though, she's surviving.