Morning Routine Days 1 & 2

To tell you the truth, up until the last minute of sleep Sunday night/Monday morning, I wasn't sure I could follow through with my plans. Get out of bed and not make tea right away? Do something other than check my email? Weird. 

Spring time in the city! 

Spring time in the city! 

But I did it. I got dressed, did my meditation, did 7 minutes of exercises, and took the dog for a walk. It took a little longer than I thought it would, but what doesn't? 

Today, I did the same thing, even though I hadn't had enough sleep and had to get up earlier than I normally would to make it happen. Meditation really does seem to make transitioning from sleep to wake easier. I did an amended version of the workout because I was sore from the day before (wow, have I gotten out of shape!). The walk was also a little shorter, but because of time. 

All things considered, though, it's been great! And it's been really nice to get off work and know that everything important was done (at least a little) in the morning. 

I thought I'd be tired today, too, for lack of sleep, but I wasn't, which was a nice surprise. Tomorrow is my first really early shift, so we'll see how that goes. I plan on skipping the dog walk part, because it will be dark outside, but I hope to do everything else. 

Week 32: Exercise - Create a Morning Routine

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