Meditation Week - Some Success, Some Failure

After I got all caught up on the meditations, I immediately skipped a day. Two days, actually. 

A large part of the problem is my inability to stick to a regular schedule. My work schedule changes, and with it, the time I get up changes, the time I go to bed, the times I eat... Some days I have hours before I go to work; other days, I have much less time (or if I give myself more time, I don't get enough sleep). I have a couple other routines attached to my morning time, including taking care of everything financial, which I don't necessarily want to give up.

This guy is relaxed, yet alert. 

This guy is relaxed, yet alert. 

However, since I don't plan to change my job any time soon, I will have to change something in order to do the things I want to do. 

I have two thoughts here. First, I'm pretty sure at this point that meditation will be an important part of living the kind of life I want to live (relaxed, calm, with low anxiety). And I've heard you can replace sleep with meditation. So I am thinking about getting up a little earlier and meditating. 

Eric says he meditates in bed sometimes, after I'm up), before he gets up. I'd be afraid I'd fall back asleep. Also, once I'm awake, I'm ready to get out of bed. It feels strange to stay in bed, unless I'm sick or exhausted, in which case I might stay and read. I love sleep, but once it's over, I'm ready to move on. 

The days I missed the meditation were days when I was either really tired after work (and hadn't meditated before work), and days I was off work with Eric and occupied with chores, household projects, and errands. The one meditation session I did over those days happened while Eric was running back to Home Depot for something. 

For my next challenge, I want to try to build a morning routine that covers fitness, first of all (because next week is a fitness challenge week), but I also want to work meditation in there. It's a process, figuring out how to build a routine that works, and then remembering to modify it if it stops working. Over the years, I've had some routines that worked better than others, but life changes often throw those routines out of whack. For whatever reason, once a routine isn't working, it takes me a while to notice and adapt. 

Part of the reason I fail to adapt can be attributed to the fact that when I've got a good routine going, I feel good - I feel less like a need a routine. It seems okay to skip a run, skip a meditation session, etc. Then after a while, I realize I was mistaken. Of course, it's not that you can never skip, but if the skipping becomes a new routine, well... Then I don't feel so good. 

Now I'm thinking it's time to build a new routine. 

I did find the Oprah & Deepak Meditation Experience helpful. Not every meditation topic resonated with me, but some did. It was nice to have a starting point every day. This was the first I'd heard of their meditation experiences, but someone else told me they offer them occasionally. If I hear about another one, I'd do it again. 

Project meditation continues. 

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