Wednesday Links

Not a lot this week! But here's a picture of the incredibly cute Davis McLean!

My friend Tanya shared a link on Facebook to "Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe." I've been working on narrowing down my wardrobe, and although I haven't gotten to the point of having a capsule wardrobe, I love that idea. 

This Daily Mail article lists the Top 50 Things that Feel Great. I agree with most of these (who doesn't love clean sheets?), but some are less appealing. I'm not really into the new car smell. And I don't get the "new socks" one at all - socks are socks. And who uses stationary? And number 50, the Royal Family - does the Royal Family really make Brits feel great? Somehow I doubt that, but what do I know about having a Royal Family? Maybe it's awesome.