Tuesday Frugal Things

Frugal things: 

I fed the dog the old chicken salad (it looked bad, but didn't smell off) and she loved it. I also fed her some leftovers a friend left here, from Buffalo Wild Wings, which I pureed in the food processor. The dog will eat anything. I'm not trying to skimp on her food, but she doesn't care for the kibble we have right now, so these additives make her food a little more appetizing (to her only). 

Eric borrowed a power washer from his dad (so he could clean the deck before he stained it). In previous years, we've rented one, so this was a good deal.

Eric also got a hair cut from his mom, who is a hair dresser, instead of spending $20 at the barber shop he usually goes to. It's a win-win, since he gets a free hair cut and gets to see his mom. 

Perhaps Eric is the more frugal of the two of us, because he also baked some bread instead of buying more sandwich bread. He spent less than two dollars to make four loaves, and each loaf makes 12 slices. We baked two loaves today and froze the other two loaves for later. 

I watered down my face wash so I could use the last little bit and that got me several more washes. More than I expected!

I spent $27.36 on alcohol, but filled out a rebate for $27, which means I got three bottles of flavored vodka for 36 cents. Rebates always make me a little nervous, though, with not knowing when it's going to come. 



I sold a hammock through Craigslist for $10. We bought it several years ago at a garage sale for $5 (the tag was still on it), so selling it was a pretty good deal. 

Somewhere in the middle things:

We went out Saturday night, but made a point to eat a good dinner before we left, so we didn't have to buy food on top of drinks. It worked out fine! Although everyone else's food looked awesome. We took a cab downtown, which was a splurge over the cost of public transportation, but by the time we figured out when we needed to leave, we'd missed all the good public transportation options. But the way I figure it, a cab is always going to cost a lot less than a DUI. 

Not so frugal things:

Hazel didn't get a walk for two days, so she ate one of my boiled wool slippers (best slippers ever). I know it's almost summer, but I really like slippers, so I ordered new ones from Sierra Trading Post. I had a 35% off coupon, but shipping was $6, and it was spending that could have been avoided.