Writing Prompt #7

My goal was to write every day this week, using the last sentence of a book as a writing prompt. You can read about the challenge here. However, I missed a couple days. It happens, I guess. One of the days, I found the prompt (apparently) impossible to respond to, and then I skipped the next day, too, because why not? But, I decided to not give up completely, so here's Day 7. 

As usual, this is a first draft, so please be nice. :)

Today's prompt is from 80 Beetles, by Mark Cunningham: "But this is silly, because they wouldn't say that unless I'd already started." 


But this is silly, because they wouldn't say that unless I'd already started. It's difficult to tell where I stand, now that all the rules have been broken. Maybe not broken. More like erased. 

I'm not sure why I care what they say. I know I'm clinging to the old ways, and I need to let go, move on. As we've proven over and over, a million times over, letting go is difficult. It wasn't easy before, either. 

But letting go is the only thing that makes life any easier now. I'd like to let go of my concerns over what is said about me. What happens will happen and worrying about it won't help me. 

I'm sure I forget to mention that what I'm doing, what I've started or not started, has no relation to what they say. It doesn't. So worrying, trying to change what they say, makes no difference. 

But to admit that feels like dying and for some reason, I still want to live. 


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