Thursday Links

I don't invest in individual stocks. I prefer the ease of investing in index funds. However, I still enjoyed reading Investment Checklist: 99 Problems to Avoid. And it could come in handy, you know, if I ever change my mind about individual stocks. 

Have you heard of the 40 Days of Dating thing? Or Passion Projects? Sounds like they'd go together more than they do, as 40 Days of Dating is actually two people dating, but a Passion Project is a project that you are passionate about. So 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project is "dating" your project for 40 days. You touch base with your project every day, spend a couple evenings and one whole day on the weekend together, and maybe even spend an entire weekend together. If you give as much time to your Passion Project as you would a new beau, you might get somewhere with it. 

Bleeding Hearts blooming in our backyard right now. 

Bleeding Hearts blooming in our backyard right now. has an interesting post on The Psychology of Packing. Before we went to Europe in 2013, I did a lot of reading on packing light and ended up with a carry-on sized backpack (no wheels). I still ended up taking a couple clothing items I didn't use, and not taking a couple I wished I would have. For the future: If you wear jeans all the time, don't assume you'll be happy without them just because you're travelling, and leave the white t-shirts at home (for me, they can only be worn once). 

The Oyster Review has a list of the 100 Best Books of the Decade So Far. Reading this list made me salivate; that's how much I like to read. Also, book lists make me want to quit my job and read all the time, except then I wouldn't be able to afford books. However, there is the library. Problem solved. I've already read 13 of the books on the list anyway, so maybe I could make do with a couple months off. 

Perhaps my Passion Project should be reading books.