Morning Routine: Days 3,4,5

Day 3: I worked early, but still got up and meditated. I didn't walk the dog (it was dark out) and I didn't do any exercises (I wanted tea/caffeine and I was still a little sore). But I did some stretching and figured that was good enough. Thought about walking the dog in the afternoon, but there were storms predicted (that never happened).

Mellow cats on a warm afternoon. 

Mellow cats on a warm afternoon. 

Day 4: Worked early again. Did not do anything except drink tea. Walked the dog after work, then did 30 jumping jacks (thanks for the encouragement, Dave!). 

Day 5: Did it all. Meditated (day 22 of the 21 Day Meditation Experience), did the 7-minute workout, and walked the dog. Yay me! I also downloaded a couple meditation apps that will provide music and a timer for future meditations. I definitely needed an appropriate timer (the loud buzz of an alarm just won't do!), but I also have been enjoying the music from the 21 Day Meditation Experience. It gives me something to focus on when my mind wanders. 

Sooo... Is it worth it to get up early to do these things I think so. I have felt pretty good most of the time. I was a little crabby this morning, but I've been fine every other morning, even when I haven't had enough sleep. And I feel stronger already from the small bit of exercise. 

Exercise is tricky. When I'm exercising, I feel strong, but somehow I start to think of that as my natural state, and then I stop exercising. So of course all of the benefits go away. And I have to start over. 

Meditation is either different, or maybe I just haven't been doing it long enough. I feel much calmer and centered, but not at all like that's the norm. Who knows, maybe that's how I felt the first time I ever started exercising - like it was something special and I needed to figure out a way to keep it in my life. Hm. 

It's good to show yourself that you can be strong. The first day, that 7-minute exercise thing kicked my ass. I haven't done some of the exercises (push-ups) in a looong time, and others, such as the plank, are tough even when I'm doing them all the time. I felt like a total novice. Today, though, it felt a lot better and I felt stronger, although it's too early for me to actually be stronger. Anyhow, it feels good to be exercising again! Hopefully I'll take up running again before too long. 

Week 32: Exercise - Create a Morning Routine

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