Wednesday Links - Food Fight!

Budgets are Sexy ran a fun post dealing with a reader question, "How in  GOD's NAME do you spend so little on food?" The reader, Braden, loves to eat and can't imagine eating for $1 a meal, as he read about in this post by Dan Miller, "What a Budget for a Family of 8 Looks Like.

Dan rebutted on Budgets are Sexy with "How to Eat on Less Than $1/Meal." I found one tip in this article that I hadn't tried before - instead of subtracting things out of your food budget, start at $0 and add up what you need. I believe him when he says you may be surprised by what you can do without.

For the two months that we've attempted the $400 dollar food budget (February and March), I've done a much better job of keeping a list of what we need. I admit, I've been continually surprised by how short it is. I mean, we haven't shopped in a week and right now there are six things on my list. 

But the fun doesn't end there! Anne at Money Propeller posted "how to spend an obscene amount on groceries," in which she explains just that. I've spent money on a lot of the things she spends money on and she's right, it's fun and tasty. 

Isn't a finance blog food fight fun? 

Sam at Frugaling also posted his March results for his $200 food challenge. He goes back over his rules, which require him to include all spending on consumables in his food budget, including dining out, dates, etc. In March, I included dining out, or rather, because our dining out budget is $0 right now, I deducted the one meal we bought out from our grocery budget.