Wednesday Links

Mr. Money Mustache has an interesting post, "Chasing Electrical Demons to Cut your Power Bill by 80%." We've done a lot of things to our house to cut our energy usage, including replacing often-used light bulbs with LEDs, learning to line-dry a lot of the laundry, and minimizing our use of heat and air conditioning. I'm always looking for new ways to reduce our usage and expense, so I enjoyed both the post and the comments from readers. 

A pretty magnolia tree ready to bloom at any minute!

A pretty magnolia tree ready to bloom at any minute!

You can make  your own dryer sheets with fabric scraps. I use felted wool dryer balls when I use the dryer, because they kill static and shorten the amount of time needed to dry, but if I did use dryer sheets, I'd definitely try this. 

The Family Handyman has an interesting and potentially useful article, "20 Secret Hiding Places," with good ideas on how to hide valuables in your home. We don't have a lot of valuables, but I do like to have good hiding places when I need them. 

I enjoyed Where Traveler's article on Touring St. Louis Via Metrolink. I live in St. Louis and use Metrolink occasionally, but I've never thought about how tourists might use it.