No Makeup Week - A Success!

A pretty tree lane near our house

A pretty tree lane near our house

Wearing no makeup for a week did exactly what I had hoped it would, which was get me comfortable going out with a bare face. No one said anything about how I looked, not even the morning I went in for the early shift. It was nice having the extra time in the mornings, and not having to spend time during the day checking to see if my makeup was still okay. Also, it seems like my skin stayed smoother and better moisturized, probably because I didn't wash it as often. 

I knew the weekend would be easy, because we didn't have any plans, and that's a situation in which I normally wouldn't wear makeup. It's easy to hang out at home with no makeup. 

Best of all, Eric said he thought it'd be fine if I stopped wearing makeup altogether. He said he likes the way I look without makeup. I thought that was sweet. 

The costs of wearing makeup every day wasn't one of my main concerns, but now that I've let those products sit for a week, I realize how it adds up. I found an older post at The Broke and Beautiful Life, "Personal Care: The Cost of Keeping Up Appearances," that was pretty interesting, especially the comments. My personal care costs are nowhere near the supposed average ($20,000), but they are more than I'd like them to be, at about $4000 a year, which includes Eric's haircuts, but those only cost $20. Wearing less makeup will definitely help. 

My friend Katy doesn't usually wear makeup, and she said when she does, she gets comments about it, which strikes her as odd. I wonder if I'll get comments next time I wear makeup to work. I'll let you know! We talked about my observation that strangers seemed slightly less friendly, and she said she notices differences based on how she does her hair. If she puts it in pigtails, people seem to have less confidence in her than they do when it's down. 

I suspect those changes in how we're treated might have something to do with how our appearance affects others' perceptions of how agreeable we are. It could be that wearing makeup shows a deference to societal norms, which could indicate you'll be agreeable, and therefore useful, in other ways. Not wearing makeup, or putting your hair in pigtails, could indicate a higher degree of independence. That's my theory. It might even be worked around to explain why women prefer for other women to wear makeup, an idea that would seem to contradict natural competition. 

Have you ever tried going without something you've gotten used to, such as makeup? How did it go?

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