$400 Grocery Budget - March

Three extra days make a big difference! On the 27th, we had $20 left. In February, that was no big deal. This month, we still had four days to go. 

In the end we went over by $2, spending $402 on food. Not the end of the world, but we can do better. However, once again, there was a lot of food here in the house. We were in no danger of starving. 

We did get sandwiches from a deli once this month and I included that in our grocery spending. It was only $25, but I could have made a lot of sandwiches for the same amount. However, I ran a race that morning and didn't really feel like making sandwiches. 

Another Costco run accounted for $92 of our grocery spending. The sad thing is, other than carrots, celery and romaine hearts, I couldn't tell you what we bought. Oh, a huge thing of mayo. Some dried seaweed for Eric. Diet Coke - a bad habit we haven't given up yet. 

I took lunch to work every single day. A few times it was PB&J, which I actually like, so I didn't mind.

$22 of the grocery budget went to seeds and plants for vegetable gardening, so that will pay off this summer. I've got kale and lettuce going, and I just started basil, cabbage, and jalapenos. I also bought a spearmint plant. 

Beer cat seeks clarification on his role. 

Beer cat seeks clarification on his role. 

One thing we've been thinking about is how to save up to buy another large quantity of meat. I guess we'll just have to figure out how to spend less, so we can save up the money.  The quarter cow we bought last time cost $450, so divided by 12 months, that's $37.50 less per month. It doesn't sound too bad, except that we had a tough time staying below $400 the last two months. 

The only thing I didn't count, but is debatable, was a trip to Orange Leaf, the frozen yogurt place. We went with my brother, his wife, and their daughter, after her volleyball game. We paid because my brother had bought for several meals while we were visiting. I decided it wasn't so much food as entertainment, but really it was food. That would add another $30 to our total food cost. 

I've started a freezer inventory and I hope that will further improve things. I found all kinds of things in the freezer. Especially peas. And lemonade concentrate. And ice packs for coolers. 

Some of our grocery money this month went two fermented foods Eric is working on: sauerkraut and kimchi. Those aren't expensive, and they're a lot of fun. We like to ferment things. We won't even be able to eat them this month, so they'll bring down our spending in future months, I hope. 

Overall, we're both pretty excited about spending less on groceries, crazy as that sounds. I guess what we're really excited about is our savings grow. So we'll try to do it again, or maybe better, in April. 

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