Wednesday Links

Me and Eric on his 40th birthday

Me and Eric on his 40th birthday

Somehow I went from Mr. Money Mustache's website to this article, "The Ultimate Real Housewife of Houston," about a socialite with a 3000-square-foot closet. Craziness. 

There is now conclusive evidence that the toilet paper should hang over the roll. I've always known this, but it's nice to find confirmation. 

Emma Lincoln has an interesting post about spending money on yourself. This is something I probably do too much, but I bet I skimp on things that would benefit me. And I know I have friends who have trouble spending money on themselves. Emma mentions a $70 meditation app, which I just downloaded. 

Femme Frugality is doing an interesting "Around the World in 80 Books" reading challenge this year. She's on Russia and Norway right now. 

Budget and the Beach has a good reminder to not let frugality interfere with taking care of your health. Money spent on health is an investment in the future. 

A new-to-me blog, 365 Less Things, focuses on decluttering. Every Monday, she posts "Mini Mission Monday," a weekly plan to get rid of seven things. I already did today's assignment. Since it was a sentimental items, I made sure to take lots of pictures before it went away.