Tuesday Frugal Things

Broke. :(

Broke. :(

Since we started making smoothies every day, all that action was just too much for my 20-year-old blender and the blade housing cracked (is housing the right word? I'm trying to not use "thingie" so much). This happened a few days before Eric's birthday, and it just so happens that Eric's super-generous mom wanted to buy him a new appliance for his birthday. Alas, he had his heart set on a KitchenAid mixer and pretended to have absolutely zero interest in a fancy blender. So, I found a replacement part for my blender for eight dollars. I would say that soon I'll have the world's oldest blender, but after reading the comments from people on blender replacement parts, apparently keeping the same blender forever is a thing and I am merely joining a large group of blender-keepers. I'm happy to report that the new blade works very well and the blender is much improved. The new blades came with new gaskets, too, and now it doesn't leak at all. 

In other news, Eric received the stand mixer and has already made bread (twice) and some homemade pasta. Free is kind of frugal, I guess. The bread and pasta were certainly inexpensive to make. 

Eric changed the oil in my car himself instead of taking it somewhere. Last time we were at Costco, we bought a large container of oil for not a lot of money. I don't really buy oil, so I'm just going off what Eric said, which was that it's a good deal. Cars... Hopefully some day I won't need one. 

Our ice maker crapped out and we had a repair guy come look at it. He diagnosed it as needing replacement, which he offered to do for $250. Eric went online, found the ice maker parts, and ordered them for $50. It arrived Monday and he'll install it himself hopefully soon. Living with someone who is handy and can fix things is definitely frugal, but sometimes you have to wait for things to get done. But waiting is frugal, even if it sucks. At any rate, I'm quite attached to our ice maker, as it's the first ice maker I've ever lived with and I love it very much. It's like magic. Thank god it didn't die in the middle of the summer!

Finally, I repaired a sheet the dog tore up. She sleeps in the guest bed sometimes and if it's not make, she digs. Maybe she digs when it is made and I don't notice. But I always notice a torn sheet, and this was the second one. The first one was old and she shredded it, totally beyond repair, so I'll cut it up for rags and get a new sheet. The one I repaired wasn't that bad. I had to reacquaint myself with the sewing machine. It wasn't usable until I did the laundry room decluttering a little bit back and I'd pretty much forgotten how it worked. But now it's good again. I also went out and bought the black thread I need to repair a skirt I have sitting down there. 

Frugal Links

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I discovered a new blog today, Imperfectly Frugal. Nathalie posts daily (DAILY?!? How the heck does she manage that??? And they're long!) posts called "Frugal Failures and Successes." At the end of the one that link goes to, she mentions (a failed) "No Drive Day," which I think sounds pretty awesome. We didn't drive anywhere yesterday, but usually one of the other of us has to drive to work. Hard to get around that! Still, I find the idea fascinating (as you might have guessed given my thoughts on getting rid of my car when all it needed was an oil change).