Next Challenge: Meditation (21-Day Meditation Experience)

Some things are worth coming back to, and meditation and mindfulness certainly fall in that category. So this week, we're doing another meditation challenge. 

This is part of  the 21-day meditation experience I wrote about two weeks ago, but I wanted to get it worked into the blog so I could write more about it. I had to rearrange the order of the challenges a little, but I'll still get to everything. I keep wanting to call this a meditation "challenge," but that's not what they're calling it. Perhaps meditation and challenges don't even belong together. Oh well, I can't worry about that. 

I started the meditations on schedule and kept that  up for five days. Then I missed a day. I did the next day's meditation, then went back to the one I skipped. In general, I think it's better to go in order. I've missed a couple more since then, so I doubled up on Saturday, but then skipped it entirely on Sunday. I hope to get caught up this week!

Hope you can breathe with a dog elbow in your gut, cause I'm pretty comfy here. 

Hope you can breathe with a dog elbow in your gut, cause I'm pretty comfy here. 

Some days are easier than others. I find myself thinking of the puppy concept from the Great Courses lectures - the mind is like an untrained puppy, scampering about, and you  have to bring it back to the task at hand. Some days, the time passes more quickly, too. Other days it seems to drag on forever. When I'm able to stay focused and keep my mind from wondering, the time passes quickly. 

I've done a fair amount of meditation with animals on and around me. The cats seem to like the stillness of meditation. 

My goal this week is to do the meditations every day. This will be the third week of the experience/challenge. Unfortunately, you can only get the previous five days' meditations, so if you didn't start at the beginning, it's lost for now. I suspect when this free thing is over, there'll be options to buy, but I don't know for sure. 

I'm improving in my ability to meditate and I'm seeing some results. I feel calmer and more centered, especially on days I get the meditation in, but on the other days, too. I don't get worked up about stuff like I used to. I'm still working on my mindfulness practice, trying to stay in the moment, and meditation helps with that, too. So the benefits of meditating make it worth repeating as a challenge. 

Week 31: Mental Health - 21-Day Meditation Experience

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