Wednesday Reads

Another installment of things I've been reading. Also, ever since I did Janathon, I feel like I'm missing something if I don't report on my exercise. So - I ran two miles today. It's relatively warm (above freezing! Yay!) and sunny. Dog was happy to be out. I felt like I was going to die for the first mile and a half, but I kept going. 

On to the links...

Should You Really Only Cook with Wine You'd Drink? The Truth About Cooking with Wine: Perhaps I'm just cheap, but I've been cooking with Charles Shaw for a long time. I like the boxed wine idea, though. It's a bit cheaper still. 

The US Is Finally Dropping Its Outdated Guideline Against Cholesterol: Which is great, because I love eggs. Particularly the ones I get from the Behrer Home For Wayward Fowl. Not that I ever let it stop me from me from eating eggs, but still. 

12 Extremely Useful Ways to Get Practical About Drinking: If you're feeling crafty, you can up your drinking game with these recipes. I've made liqueurs and that's a lot of fun and pretty easy. The bitters recipes here sparked my interest. I'll keep you posted if I go through with it. 

Reasons I Don't Take Photos During Vacation: The Minimalists prefer to enjoy vacation time rather than document it. Of course, photos aren't our only way of remembering our travels, but they certainly help. Would you take a trip if you couldn't photo-document it? I'm tempted to try it. 

Rosemary White Bean Soup: I made this yesterday in the crock pot (I put all the ingredients in together and let them cook all day). It was yummy. I used the immersion blender right in the crock pot, which is a lot easier than transferring hot soup to a blender. I didn't have a bay leaf, though, because we used ours to make...

Homemade Old Bay Seasoning Mix: Which we then used to make shrimp cakes, which were similar to this fish cakes recipe, but with shrimp. 

Happy reading! 

Hazel dressed a cheetah for the pet parade earlier this month. 

Hazel dressed a cheetah for the pet parade earlier this month.