Extreme Frugal Reading Links!

Lately I find myself reading blogs that cover three areas: early retirement, household and frugal living, and minimalist living. And there's a lot of overlap in the areas they cover. 

Many of the early retirement bloggers just don't spend much money, including Mr. Money Mustache (here's what they spent in 2014) and Early Retirement Extreme ("How I Live on $7000 per Year"). That's what makes their early retirement possible. Those two are probably the most established early retirement bloggers, but this week I ran across two more: Root of Good, who retired at 33 with a family, and Go Curry Cracker, who is traveling the world with his wife and starting a family this year. 

You may love or hate the idea of early retirement, and if you love it on the surface, you might hate it once you look more closely at what it means financially. Even Steven Money published his Early Retirement Blueprint and J. Money created an Early Retirement Spreadsheet, which you can plug your numbers into and see where you are and what you'd have to do to retire early. Unless you already have a salary that way outpaces your expenses or an inheritance, early retirement probably requires quite a big shift away from the usual ways of thinking about earning and spending. But it's interesting to think about. 

For us, I think the earliest we could retire would be in about 10-12 years, which would have me retiring at 52 or 54. My dad retired at 55, which is early by most everyone's standards, but it makes me realize my "early" retirement would not be so early. 

And living frugally is living frugally, whether you do it because you want to retire sooner rather than later or because you simply don't have much income. This week I discovered The Prudent Homemaker, who is raising a family on a limited income, and I've been reading The Peaceful Mom for a while, who also writes about her family's efforts to live for less. I think it's interesting to read about how people make their money go further. 

And that ties into the minimalist movement, such as The Minimalists, or those who choose to live with less whether they need to or not, and the non-consuming lifestyle of those who aim to have as little impact on the earth as possible, such as the Non-Consumer Advocate.

I'd love to write more about this, but I have to go to work. Here's a picture of the snow we got this week.