TED Talks - Disease Talks Day 1

Below, you can find links to my first day of watching. I found all these under my search for "disease." I learned a lot about malaria from the first two talks, including that malaria, to people in countries where it is common, view it like we view a cold or flu, and are therefore unmotivated to take drastic measures to stop the spread. 

And Gary Slutkin's talk about treating violence like a contagious disease was very interesting, too. I can see how that approach might work and why it might get a lot of resistance. 

I find the number of diseases intimidating. Thinking about disease in the abstract or reading about diseases of the past is a little bit different than studying the diseases that are out there right now. So, proceed with caution!

Here are the links:

Week Twenty-four: Social/Educational - Watch TED Talks on Disease

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