Nine Servings of Veggies: Week 22 Wrap-Up

So here we are day 7 of week 22 (wow!). How'd I do? 

Well, some days I only managed to drink half of my smoothie, but every smoothie contained at least 9 servings of fruits and veggies, so I'd say overall I was successful. And the smoothies weren't the only servings I had. There was also broccoli, arugula, and fruit. 

My Pact scorecard as of Sunday afternoon. Don't worry, I'll get that last food diary before it's too late. :)

My Pact scorecard as of Sunday afternoon. Don't worry, I'll get that last food diary before it's too late. :)

I committed to 35 veggies in Pact this week, and I'm please to say I got them all! It won't add to up a huge payout (I think veggies are 20 cents easy, maybe, if that), but missing one would have cost me five dollars. This is by far the biggest undertaking I've taken with Pact veggies, so I'm pretty proud of myself. 

Eric and I have both felt great and had lots of energy since we started the smoothies, just like Dan said he experienced. 

And in the name of science (or something), today I tested the effects of vodka in the smoothie. It's just fine; you can hardly tell it's there. Hey, it's my Saturday, so don't be too hard on me. ;)

So now we both know. Not that I'll be adding vodka to every smoothie, because that would not be compatible with my job, but once in a while on the weekend? Maybe okay? 

Other things I've learned: I don't like garlic or onions in my smoothies. The 20-year-old blender does better if you give it one thing at a time; like me, it doesn't multitask well. You need to buy the bananas and avocados days ahead of when you'll need them. And, most importantly, smoothies really are an easy way to get a lot of fruits and veggies into your diet without having to, you know, eat them. 

We'll definitely keep the smoothie habit going. It seems to be one of those rare diet changes that pays off immediately, and will continue to pay off for the rest of our lives. 

And the cost? I've been tracking prices on what we've bought this week, so with a limited sample, I believe a smoothie with 1 oz. kale, a thumb of ginger, 1 orange, 1 avocado, 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 raw beet, and 1 carrot costs about $2.27. That's taking the lowest price I've found for each item. Since we've only been doing this for a little over a week, it's possible I can find better deals. 

I don't think that price is too bad, considering all the nutrients it contains. As long as we keep the rest of our food costs low, we should be okay, even with a $400 food budget for the month. 

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