Janathon 2015: Day 8 - Still Cold

It was 10 degrees when I headed out today, with a brisk wind coming out of the northeast. I stuck to the east-west city street so the houses could block the wind. 

Usually I run on a trail near my house or north from the house, because it's uphill on the way out. If I run west, I run downhill on the way out, which means uphill on the way home. It's a long half-mile home if I do it that way. 

But the wind wins. I'll do whatever I have to, in order to avoid running head first into that wind. 

Anything except run on a treadmill at the gym, that is. 

One of the hardest things about running in the cold for me is deciding what to wear. I know I'm supposed to dress as if it's 20 degree warmer, but on a day like today, that still doesn't bring it up to freezing. 

So much stuff to wear!

So much stuff to wear!

I might have been a little overdressed. At the end of my two-mile run today, I was a walking sauna. I wasn't exactly uncomfortable, but I don't like it because if I had to stop for any reason, I'd probably freeze to death. So I just don't stop. Then I can't get those layers off fast enough once I'm back in the house. I should probably take off at least my hat and maybe my shell before I come inside. 

Today I wore fleece running pants (thick but not wind-proof), knee-high wool hiking socks, my barefoot running shoes, a long-sleeve base layer, heavy fleece, waterproof shell, wool hat, and ski gloves. My head and hands were fine, but my torso was quite toasty. I probably should have worn a fleece vest instead of the heavy fleece. 

It'll be super cold tomorrow, too, but it looks like it might get above freezing this weekend. I can only hope!