Janathon 2015: Day 7 - Colder Still!

It's 11 degrees out there today. And it's windy. Between the weather and the way I feel after celebrating our anniversary a little too much last night, a dog walk was all I could manage. 

Whenever I walk instead of running as planned, I feel pathetically lazy. I couldn't have run even one mile of that? Guess not. 

On the other hand, at least I got out. I hope to have 31 GPS-tracked activities on Runkeeper at the end of the month, and a walk counts toward that goal. 

The dog was really happy, once again, until her feet started to get cold in the little bit of snow that fell last night. I should get her some little booties and see if she likes them. 

This completes my first seven days of Janathon! I got in more runs than walks, barely, ran on a trip, and walked after dark in the cold. Hopefully the rest of the month will be this easy or easier. 

Of course I'm only three days in to my fitness week, but I'm pretty confident I'll finish that just fine.