Janathon 2015: Day 6

It wasn't nearly as cold today as it has been. The temperature rose above freezing! I even took my gloves off for a little while. 

Okay, I had to take them off in order to tie my shoe, and then I was lazy and didn't put them back on. You wouldn't think putting gloves on would be a lot of work, but if your hands are sweaty and the dog is trying to walk away and you're holding her leash in your teeth (don't tell my dentist), it's more work. But the important thing here is that my hands didn't freeze without my gloves! 

I logged 3.5 slow miles, the longest I've managed since I did the 15K back in December. I don't even care that it was slow. It was the distance I planned to do and I felt good throughout the run. 

The breathing technique is still working great for me! I use it on every run and it gets easier and easier. I have to count each step or I lose track of it, but that doesn't bother me. Breathing easy while running is worth any amount of counting. Years ago, when I was trying to pick up my speed, I started counting steps per minute, trying to get them to come in around 180. It was actually kind of hard to stop doing that. Maybe I'm strange, but counting while running feels natural. It's the breathing in for three steps and out for two that is weird. Weird, but it works. Can't argue with what works. 

Desk jocky?

Desk jocky?

I took one of the worst pictures of myself today while running, then accepted it for Runkeeper without really thinking, so I'm not sharing that here. Instead, here's a picture of the dog hanging out under my desk. Hazel has been nuts the last few days. She's either completely beat after running or moving around the house doing weird things like barking at the kitchen counters. I'm starting to suspect she has a stash of something caffeinated somewhere. When I got up this morning, she was freaking out, trying to hide a rawhide, and didn't calm down until I let her hide it in the basement. I know people think cats are crazy, but our cats have nothing on the dog.