Friends' Challenges

Some of Eric's vegetables

Some of Eric's vegetables

I know it's a new year and many people are setting goals, but I love hearing about other people's challenges! I've got an inbox full of posts from other bloggers about their challenges, but I've also got a bunch of real-life friends who are undertaking some very interesting challenges. 

Dave, who will always get credit for giving me the idea for this blog, is giving up his e-cig for January. He only uses when he drinks. I used to smoke cigarettes and I was never that kind of smoker (I was an all-the-time smoker), so I find it amazing that he did that to begin with.. You might remember that Dave's original December goal was to do the Insanity workout, but that fell through and switched over to healthy snacking. I believe that, with one exception (popcorn), he was like a thousand million times more successful than I was

My friend Margie gave up Facebook for two weeks without telling anyone until it was over! She had a similar experience to mine and finds she doesn't look at Facebook nearly as much post-challenge. 

My friend Katy promises to start a blog! Katy is one of the funniest, smartest people I know, so I'm really looking forward to reading her writing and I'll certainly share it here. 

Eric (my husband) is going to try to eat 9 servings of vegetables everyday. This is a huge challenge for him, as it brings his vegetable consumption up from zero so something. I'm hoping I'll be eating more vegetables, too, because of his challenge. 

My friend Brian has some very ambitious goals for 2015, He's going to send me a complete list, but it includes daily challenges of reading 15 poems, a short story, looking at 15 paintings, and listening to 15 minutes of music he wouldn't otherwise listen to. Plus a lot more. 

Have you set a challenge for the New Year? I'd love to hear about it!