Next Challenge: Watch Some Movies (Something Creative)

Up next is a "Something Creative" week, so I'm going to watch movies.

Why movies? I know lots of people probably feel they spend too much time watching movies, but I'm in the (as far as I know) small minority of people who rarely watch movies. Every once in a while, we'll go out and see something, or watch something on our laptops, but it's rare. So rare, I had to ask Eric about the last movie we watched (Plains, Trains and Automobiles). Entire years go by and we don't see any movies. 

And while I don't feel bad about not watching TV, I would like to see more movies. I believe there are interesting, thought provoking movies, and I'd like to see more of them. At any given time, though, I am reluctant to give up the time it takes to watch one. 

So for this week, I consulted with some movie-loving friends and got a long list of suggestions (thanks, Terry and Scott), including their favorite directors (Tarantino, Fincher and Anderson). 

Quentin Taratino

Quentin Taratino

I decided to try to watch eight Tarantino movies this coming week. And then I'll try to remember to go see the new one this fall. I'm only including films on which he was the main director, which leaves out a lot of other good stuff, I'm sure. But hey, I've only got a week!

I'd like to start today, but we have a social commitment arranged around a game I neither like nor understand. I asked Eric who we were rooting for and he said, "Whoever everyone else is rooting for." Okay, then. 

It also happens that most of the Tarantino films are available to stream for free through Amazon Prime, which I already have. I might have to "rent" a couple, but that's okay. Watching Fincher movies would cost more, but I'll still probably do it at some point. 

I think it will be interesting to see how one director has developed over 20-plus years. I've done this type of thing before with authors, read all their novels in order, and it's always interesting. I prefer it that way to skipping around, because inevitably then you end up on a early novel and can't stand to see the unrefined techniques the writer developed over the years. 

I debated a bit about whether watching movies would be a social (I can talk about them to other people) or a creative thing. I'm not actually creating anything and I'll probably never make a film. But I am exposing myself to the creative work of others, which I believe has benefits, just like going to an art show or to see a play. It'll get me thinking about what's possible. And I like to expand my definition of possible whenever I can. So I'm going with creative. 

So I'll report back on these movies. Somehow I'm going to try to fit this in, along with exercising every day and making smoothies. And working. It'll be fine, right???

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