Next Challenge: Vegetables!

Fruits and vegetables, actually. This week my challenge is to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables every single day. 

Tomorrow I'll share the how and why. I'm going to up my commitment by setting a Pact to eat five a day (five is the max they allow, and I'll have to take pictures of five, which isn't always easy). 

If you're not familiar with Pact, it's an app you use to commit to do healthy things, such as eating vegetables, exercising, and logging your food. When you succeed, they pay you. When you fail, you pay them. I've paid a few times, probably more than I've made, but the commitments I make through the app definitely get me to do more than I would otherwise, so I keep it up. 

Check back tomorrow to read about why I'm doing this and how I plan to go about it. I'll also write about my friend Dan Storm, whose smoothie habit inspired me to try smoothies, too. And I'm going to come up with some garden plans for the summer, even though we have more pool and deck than backyard these days. 

Our back yard, circa 2011, when it was mostly garden. 

Our back yard, circa 2011, when it was mostly garden.