Janathon 2015: Day 22 (And Affirmations)

Yesterday, I didn't walk before work, because I realized it would still be light out after I got off work. Along with my days switching, my hours moved up a little, so I go in an hour earlier. As a result, it was dark when I got up for work, but light when I got home. I always feel better when it's light out when I get off work. The worst is going in in the dark, and coming home in the dark. Anyhow...

I took the dog on a little 20 minute walk. She had a lot more energy than I did, that's for sure! For once, we walked quickly because she wanted to move fast. 

I didn't write affirmations until I got home, either. They are much more difficult later in the day; I'm not sure why. It was torture to stay in the chair and write. I completely forgot about the app. 

And I didn't take any pictures of trees, so here's a picture of Alfie, sunning himself on the porch earlier this week when it was warm out. It's colder now, close to freezing this morning. 


Week Twenty-one: Mental Health/Spiritual - Affirmations

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