Janathon 2015: Day 23

My plan was to walk as soon as I got home and I more or less did, with a short interlude spent taking Eric to pick up his car at the casino where he left it last night. 

At least he won some money and didn't have a run-in with the police, which not everyone he was with can say. 

Then we took the dog for a walk. Nothing exciting. The weather is cold and sunny. It's Friday afternoon, but even given that, people are driving like idiots. 

A lot of good my week of not being critical did me, huh? 

No affirmations yet today. 

BUT - Even better than a picture of a tree, today I got a cat. :)

Someone else's cat. 

Someone else's cat. 

Week Twenty-one: Mental Health/Spiritual - Affirmations

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