Janathon 2015: Day 21 (and affirmations)

Yesterday the skies turned cloudy, but nothing happened. Today, we're back to gorgeous blue, and it's still warm at 50 degrees. 

I didn't feel like running (who knows, sometimes you just don't), so I took the dog for a walk. Then I did two minutes of stair climbing. My "official" training for the stair climb doesn't start for another week or so, but I decided to get going on it. The two minutes wasn't bad.

I put off affirmations until after I'd been out walking. That was okay for today, but won't work with my earlier shifts the rest of the week. My days off have switched, so now my "Saturday" will be everyone else's Thursday. So my challenging day is tomorrow. 

My plan is to do everything I have to do the minute I get out of bed. Get up, write affirmations, take the dog for a walk. No matter how tired I am. 

Today's tree looks like a boring little thing, but it's actually our three-year-old sour cherry tree. It produces a lot of  cherries in the summer. I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures of it when it goes into bloom, so as a marker, here's a picture of it doing nothing (well, nothing I can see). 

Week Twenty-one: Mental Health/Spiritual - Affirmations

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