Janathon 2015: Day 20 (And Affirmations)


My affirmations should probably be about running. I am a fast runner. I am a fast runner. I am a fast runner...

Okay, maybe I'm not so fast, but I think for real I am getting faster. Today's run was just over 11 minutes a mile. Maybe my 12 minute mile days are behind me??? I hope so. 

It's still really nice out so I feel like all this running is sort of cheating because half the battle here is usually the weather. Cheating or not, I logged three more miles. I wanted to strangle the dog because she would not stay on one side or the other, and she kept stopping, or darting out into the street in front of traffic. Sometimes she's good and other times she's a lunatic. But it looks bad if you strangle your dog in public, so she's still alive and sleeping peacefully on the couch. 


I wrote my affirmations this morning, again waiting until after Eric went to work, and I used the app. I didn't think about affirmations while running because I was listening to an audiobook (Night, by Elie Wiesel - a book that will make you want to run faster and farther, just in case). 

So far, so good. I feel slightly less silly about affirmations than I did yesterday. Writing them out in longhand is enjoyable, like morning pages, but takes way less time because there's no thinking about what to write next. 

More trees. Birds love these evergreen trees in the spring and summer. It's two yards east from our backyard. The tree on the right, without leaves, is a mimosa. Pretty when it's in bloom, but bad because it's invasive. 


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