Affirmations: Day One

I waited until Eric went to work to write affirmations this morning, because I didn't feel like explaining what I was doing. It's funny that I chose this topic for the blog, because it would seem that I'm embarrassed by it. Maybe it's the New Age component, or the personal nature of something like affirmations. I'm not sure. 

In the interest of forcing myself to be brave, I'm going to share the affirmations I chose. I used the one I mentioned yesterday, "I am kind and generous" and "I draw wealth to myself." The latter, with five words, happens to work for running, too. 

Affirmations typically follow three rules. They are positive: "I am kind," as opposed to "I am not mean." They are in the present tense, or use the word choose when the present tense isn't believable: "I draw wealth to myself" or "I choose to draw wealth." And finally, they're personal. You can't affirm something for someone else. "Eric will win the lottery" won't work. 

I guess it's really coming up with things the subconscious will be able to take in and make real. The affirmations have to seem natural in some way, even though they're not. 

When I search for affirmations, I see a lot that I couldn't possibly use. Things like "I am too great a gift to this world to feel self-pity or sadness" don't make sense to me. But apparently someone finds that useful, so making it personal is probably quite important. 

I wrote one page of affirmations by hand in an old journal. It felt good to write like that, because almost all other writing I do is at a computer. Then I did the Happy Habits app questions.

I have to admit, I felt better after doing those things. Not that I felt bad to begin with, but there was something satisfying that came from the effort of writing those things down. Can affirmations work even if you're pretty skeptical, like I am? My guess would be yes, that it's more like reading (you learn whether you're into it or not) than hypnosis (which you can completely screw up if you are so inclined). 

Week Twenty-one: Mental Health/Spiritual - Affirmations

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