Janathon 2015: Day 16

Yesterday's weather was not just a fluke; we're definitely having an early spring this weekend. I ran without gloves, nothing on my head, and my fleece was way too warm. 

I felt good today, so I tried to work on my speed by doing some... It's been so long, I forget what they're called. I ran alternated fast and slow on every other block. I did two miles up and down the street nearest our house, which has relatively small blocks. After my first slow (dog mile, as in it's all about the dog in the beginning of the run) of 11:51 per mile, I ran the second one at 10:32, for an average of 11:09. I'll take that.

When I got home, it occurred to me that Janathon seems to be paying off. I think knowing that I'm going to exercise everyday, as opposed to deciding whether or not to exercise, is a good thing. I'm wasting less energy making decisions about exercising, and getting more out of exercising as a result. 

Here's another picture of a tree. You can see it looks like spring, if you ignore all the dead stuff surrounding this one green tree.