Janathon 2015: Day 15

I'm starting to realize that running reports are just weather reports combined with my personal state of being. 

And I'm happy to report that both are great today! The temperature was well above freezing at 34 when I left, 38 when I came back. It's up to 42 now! Yay spring!

I wish. But this is supposed to last for a few days. So basically, I was lucky to run in near-perfect running weather today. Great temperature, blue skies and no wind. 

And I'm feeling pretty good. Whatever little cold I had seems to have gone away. My pace was on the fast end for my training runs these days (I'm still not over the fact that I used to run 9 and 10 minute miles on my regular runs, and I may never get over it). 

If I ran in interesting places, I guess I could report on the scenery, but I mostly run on the same sidewalks and trails. The only interesting things I see are trees, so here's another picture of a tree.